My wife Sandy and I raise 100% grass-fed beef on 250 acres of permanent pasture on our family farm in the hills of Southwest Indiana.  We are the fifth generation of my family on this farm- we love the land, we love cattle, and Sandy is a health and fitness fanatic!  Producing good healthy food in a way that is kind to our farm and kind to the animals is paramount.  The fact that it is truly exceptional beef....tender, juicy, and very flavorful.....that is what keeps our customers coming back.  If you think grass-fed beef has to be a compromise in quality please try our beef.

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We have a herd of Tarentaise cows we cross with Lowline Angus bulls to produce cattle that thrive in our Indiana summer heat and fatten beautifully on our fescue pastures.  We feel this is an awesome combination that produces some of the most tender, succulent, and flavorful beef you will ever eat.  The fact that it has all the benefits of grass-fed meat is just a bonus!  We have a host of satisfied customers here in the Tri-State area and will gladly furnish references.  Farm visits always welcome.

We have individual frozen cuts - steaks, roasts and ground beef beautifully packaged by a local USDA inspected facility. Shipping is an option.  We also take orders for half or quarters of beef.

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